Project Management Portal

Terra Archaeology – 2017

Key Features

  • Account Based Login
  • Project Overview
  • Project Search
    • Map Search
    • Table Search
    • Area Search
  • Report Generation
  • Administration Data Entry

Project Summary

Terra Archaeology provides professional archaeological consulting services throughout British Columbia. They needed a user account/password protected portal to organize and track their past and current projects. A key feature of this portal is the ability to search projects by various attributes and by map area. Displaying KML/KMZ map data associated with projects, through the Google Maps API is another key feature. The portal also features report generation, and administrative functions for adding map data, projects, and other data.

Project Features

Account Based Login

Secure account login allows staff members access to project data with different access levels for admin functions. Account passwords and access can easily be changed and/or revoked as necessary.

Project Overview

Displays project information along with comments and tags. Tags help organize projects and display a definition tooltip on mouseover. Comments are notes that can be added to each project. The map uses Google Maps API to display KML/KMZ data associated with the project.

Project Search W Map

Allows project managers to see areas that have been worked previously and filter/search based on various properties and tags. Results show up on the map with clickable pins and tooltip windows.

Project Search W Table

Allows project managers to search projects without waiting for the map data to load. Results are displayed on a table with sortable columns.

Project Area Search

Allows project managers to search for projects around a point on the map. The point can be changed by clicking the map and the distance from that point can be changed.

Report Generation

A permit expiry report can be generated automatically to ensure permits for active projects are valid and to check which need to be renewed. Other permit templates can be added.

Data Entry – Administration

Project managers and their staff can enter in project, assessment, and other information through the portal. Access to this section of the site can be restricted on a per user basis, or by general policy.